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The Nola Blues Wine Club (COMING SOON!!)

We think all of our wines are fantastic, but we’ve got some that we think are really really special – and we want to share those with you and your family and friends. We want you to experience and enjoy these unique wines as much as we do as part of the exclusive Nola Blues Wine Club.
Wine Club members get access to wines that will not be publicly released, which includes very limited production varietals. And once we run out of these limited-edition varietals they are gone. Additional Wine Club perks include discounts on non-member only wines, apparel, and merchandise. Wine Club members will also be automatically submitted into our rewards program during the months they receive shipments.
We ship three times a year, typically January, April, and October.
We would like to share some of our best wines with you.
Even if we have to discount those wines.
We want you to enjoy our wine with family and friends as much as we do.